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Delta Fire Protection Equipment Co.

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"I highly recommend FlashPoints to anyone who does drawings of kitchen systems.  It is so easy to learn and use that it's silly to use anything else."

John Loper
Floied Fire Extinguisher and Steam Cleaning
Memphis, TN

"FlashPoints is the easiest software for drawing kitchen systems.  With FlashPoints our local fire marshal likes our professional drawings, along with our kitchen hood customers.

We have been using it for over 4 years.  In fact, we like it so much that we just bought another manufacturer!"

Randy L. Weis
Air & Fire Systems Inc.
Salina, KS

"Before FlashPoints I was drawing plans by hand.  Design would take at least an hour for small systems and 2 hours for larger systems.  Also because the plans were hand drawn the look of the plan lacked professionalism.

Using FlashPoints has reduced the time to design plans down to a minimum of 10 minutes for a small system and 20 minutes for larger systems.  The FlashPoints plans also look professional which helps get the plans through the AHJ a little easier.

The feature I like best about the program is the one point click and drag of virtually every appliance you will see out in the field.  Putting the hood, duct, cylinder and appliances all on the design page can be done in less than a minute.

FlashPoints has made design a lot quicker and easier and has saved me countless hours.  Time is money and for the price I paid for the software it has paid for itself multiple times over."

Jason Pivnik
Delta Fire Protection Equipment Co.
North Hollywood, CA

"I love the simplicity of FlashPoints.  The built in catalog and product list ensures our sales associates quote the correct size job with the appropriate parts, for optimum customer service and better profit margins."

Stan Oman
Corporate Training Manager for Koorsen Fire & Security
Indianapolis, IN

"The simple design and ease of use has greatly increased our productivity.  Thanks to FlashPoints our drawings are sailing through the approval process with the local AHJ.

In fact, one inspector was so impressed with our drawings that he asked if I was an architect."

Van Wert Fire Equipment Co.
Van Wert, OH