FlashPoints - RestaurantCAD

Created for the Restaurant Fire Suppression Industry, FlashPoints RestaurantCAD makes designing fire suppression systems easier than ever.  Instead of spending hours to design, cost, and diagram a fire suppression system, these same tasks can now be completed in minutes using FlashPoints RestaurantCAD.

An unlimited variety of kitchen configurations are possible, using FlashPoints' palette of pre-drawn graphics.

Hoods, ducts, fans, ranges, fryers, griddles, woks, and charbroilers are just a few of the images that can be added to the drawing canvas.  Once on the canvas each item can be resized, turned, moved, and labeled.

FlashPoints Drawing with Pipe
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FlashPoints features:

- Resizeable pre-drawn oblique 3D graphics
- Scaleable drawing canvas
- Drag and Drop image placement
- Front and left facing views for all objects
- Customizable & moveable image text labels
- Nozzle Height Labels
- Unlimited, moveable Text Notes
- Grid or Room Corner guidelines
- Add filter banks/makeup air to hoods
- Draw pipe and detection cables in several colors
- Print Drawings in a variety of sizes

FlashPoints is available in 3 editions.

The Fire Equipment Dealer (FED) Edition is the original version of FlashPoints.  This edition includes the FlashPoints costing module that costs jobs while you draw them.

The AHJ Edition was created for Fire Marshals and Permitting Authorities so they can quickly make drawings for fire investigations and to verify drawings presented for permit approval.

The Fire Scene (FS) Edition assists fire investigators to diagram fire scenes and produce drawings for insurance companies and clients.

FlashPoints is available for the following manufacturers' systems:
Amerex Systems, Ansul R102 Systems, Buckeye Systems, Kidde Systems,
Protex Systems/Pyrochem Systems, Range Guard Systems